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China International Education Equipment & IT Solutions Exhibition

China, Beijing 2325 November 2017
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China International Education Equipment & IT Solutions Exhibition – a professional intellectual platform for science and education industry participants.
World-renowned companies will present scientific concepts and announce the latest ideas in the industry: virtual reality, educational robots, 3D scanners, online learning systems, simultaneous translation systems, virtual studios, electronic student cards and much more.
The exhibition will be held on November 23-25 in Beijing.

  • 36 844 visitors
  • 400 exhibitors
  • 30 000 square meters expo space
Key products to be presented at the exhibition:
  • Educational devices and equipment, virtual reality, wireless technologies, library equipment, educational robots, 3D printers, 3D scanners
  • Interactive whiteboards, LCD boards, e-books, projection equipment, virtual simulation systems, tablet and desktop computers, high definition television, built-in switches, microphones, audio equipment
  • Educational institutions and platforms, broadcasting systems, software, online training systems, online payment services, video conferencing systems, simultaneous interpretation systems, educational cloud technologies and applications, network technologies, uninterruptible power systems
  • Construction equipment, campus furniture, virtual studios
  • Charging terminals, online payment, energy-saving equipment, video surveillance for campuses, electronic student cards, access control systems, radio communication systems
  • Toys, books, kindergarten equipment, pre-school curricula
CIEOE - an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Pre-school and school education
  • Education methodology
  • Training software development
  • Out-of-school education, courses
  • IT, research and development
  • Book industry
  • Multimedia production
  • Gaming equipment
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Medicine
  • State control, certification
Top exhibitors:
Jetion, Huawei, Avcon, Hisense, Canbot, Epson, ViewSonic, Koolearn, HexStudy, Stratasys, EduSoho.

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Beijing Hezhong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

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China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)

No. 6, Bei-San-Huan East Road, Beijing,100028 P.R.China

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