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Foreign tour of Russian wines

4 October 2012

The presentation of Russian wines “Discover Russian Wine”, organized by the Asti Group Exhibition Company together with the Russian Trade Delegation in the UK took place on September 27 in London.

Russian Trade Representative in the UK Dmitry Lebedev acquainted the guests with the state of the wine industry in Russia, the prospects of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region in this regard, state support of local viticulture and winemaking. After that Mrs. Narine Bagmanyan, the President of Asti Group, elaborated on the characteristics of wines presented by the wineries “Kuban-Vino” and “Myskhako” from the Krasnodar area and “Tsimlyanskie vina” from the Rostov. The event was attended by the owners of restaurants and bars, importers and distributers who took this unique chance to learn more about the production technology and oenological characteristics of the presented wines, many of which have won prestigious awards at tasting competitions held during the London International Wine Fair 2012.

The particular interest among the representatives of HoReCa industry caused the collection of "Tsimlyanskie vina," which was masterfully presented by the company's employees ‒ commercial director Vladimir Martynov and export manager Oscar Nadyrshin. The next dialogue within the frames of the “Discover Russian Wine” programme between Russian winemakers and London restaurateurs and representatives of trade networks will be held in the beginning of 2013.

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