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The Russian and the Old World best wines at the Russian Wine Fair 2012

30 October 2012

The Asti Group Exhibition Company invites experts of wine-trading and distribution companies, as well as restaurateurs, hoteliers, owners of wine boutiques and specialized retail chains to visit the Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2012 international exhibition, which will start its work on November 20 in Moscow.

This year, the products of their wineries will present Spain, Italy, Moldova (Pridnestrovye), Portugal, France and other countries. Professional visitors are invited to visit Russian producers of Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region, which will demonstrate on its collective stand a wide range of wines from Don. Their best products will be presented by "Millerovskiy winery", "Tsimlyanskye vina", "Rostov factory of sparkling wines", "Yantarnoye" and others.

The well-known in Russia and abroad enterprises of Krasnodar Territory, such as "Aurora", "Kuban-vino", "Lefkadia", "Myskhako" and "Southern Wine Company" (branch of MPBK "Ochakovo") will also demonstrate both their traditional wines and new blends.

The exhibition will host a unique event – the gastronomic sets run by the best Michelin-starred chefs from Europe. The famous French chef Thierry Schwarz will be the first to demonstrate the dishes of haute cuisine "Surprises of France", which will be presented alongside with the new French wineries.

After him, a beautiful Italian Tereza Galeone will continue the gastronomic tour around Europe. All our guests, without exception, will receive their portion of warm and sunny Italy. The tasting set from Ms. Galeone will become a perfect complement to the best Italian wines presented at the exhibition.

Russian wines presented at the Russian Wine Fair 2012 will add exotics to the dishes of Michelin chefs and will prove to be worthy competitors to the production of Italian and French wineries. Tasting sets from Michelin stars will continue in the best restaurants of Moscow, where the guests will be able to appreciate the gastronomic combinations of European cuisine with Russian wines.

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