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Rostov winemakers at Russian Wine Fair 2012

2 November 2012

Rostov region will be widely presented at the international exhibition "Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2012", which will be held at the end of November in Moscow. Organizer of the collective exposition is the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia supported by the Rostov region administration.

The best wines will be presented by "Millerovskiy vinzavod", "Tsimlyanskye vina", "Rostov Factory of Sparkling Wines", "Yantarnoye" and others. The industry experts will also have a chance to examine a new drinking water by Rostov producer named after old Don river name – Tanais.

Rostov region is the most northern wine producing area of Russia. Its territory is a flatland crossed by the Don river, its tributaries and small veld rivers with the predominance of the black soils. The climate is continental. Industrial viticulture in this region began since the times of Peter I. The main feature is the fact that more than 80 percent of the vineyards are to be covered during cold wintertime. Main technical varieties are Riesling, Aligoté, White round (Plavay), Tsimlyansky black, Plechistik, Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi northern, Early Purple, Vydvyzhenetz; table wines: Zhemchug Saba, Chasselas, Puhlyakovsky, Muscat Hungarian, Zorevoy, Desertny. Among the produced wines dominate dry, dessert and fortified wines, Soviet champagne, cognac.

The Rostov region is divided into two winegrowing areas - Don and Zadonye. Don area is located on the right bank of the Don, the grapes were grown in the old days mostly on the coast slopes. The planting of vines were expanded with time more on the flat areas and nowadays a lot of specialized equipment is used to process soils and shelter vines, although in the past years all the vineyards on the slopes had been covered for wintertime by hand. The annual rainfall ranges from 350 to 450 mm. The vegetation period is sufficient to ripen grapes, but danger comes from early autumn frosts, which occur in some years. At wintertime there are long periods with very low temperatures, that is why it is necessary to cover vines for winter.

However, these climatic conditions allow growing grapes with unique properties, which turn into the unique wines. This was already acknowledged by tasting committees of major international competitions. For example, "Millerovskiy vinzavod" and "Tsimlyanskye vina" won prestigious awards at International Wine Challenge (UK), International Wine & Spirit Competition (UK), Decanter World Wine Awards (UK), MUNDUS VINI International Wine Award (Germany) and many others.

Asti Group Exhibition Company, the organizer of the Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2012 exhibition invites industry professionals to take this opportunity to meet directly with wineries of the Rostov region, get acquainted with their products and to assess the prospects of cooperation.

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