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The "Russian winemaker" project - a guarantee of quality!

2 November 2012

The presentation of the project "Russian winemaker", which aroused great interest among the professional wine community, took place on October, 27 at the Abrau-Dyurso Russian wine
This project was conceived in support of the domestic wine and centuries-old traditions of grapes cultivation and the production of Russian wine, which in past centuries was famous not only in the homeland, but also abroad.
Today the traditions of one of the most famous and celebrated winemakers of the past - Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn – are being continued by the company "Russian winemaker." With the permission and blessing of the descendants of the great Russian winemaker the company brand is adorned by the coat of arms of Prince Golitsyn. The same coat of arms will be placed on those Russian wines that are recommended by the project participants for consumption not only in Russia but also in the global market. The initial selection of wines is carried out by a special commission on the wineries themselves, and then the wines delivered to Moscow and other regions of Russia for HoReCa sector are being additionally tested, thus confirming their quality. The head of the commission is an expert sommelier, Arthur Sarkissian, the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia.
Experts believe that these wines marked with a special sign in the form of the Golitsyn coat of arms will cause the most interest among specialists of wine trading and distributing companies, as well as restaurateurs, hoteliers, owners of wine boutiques and specialized retail chains.
To purchase the wines recommended by the "Russian winemaker" project please call: +7 (495) 918 5437.

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