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ІI International specialized fur and fur products exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine was successful!

5 November 2012

ІI International specialized fur and fur products exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine was successful!


II International specialized fur and fur products exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine was held from 18-21 of October 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine. The event was organized by the exhibition company VYBYR and actively supported by the Ukrainian Association of Furriers.

The opening ceremony, which was held on October 18, was attended by the following officials: Zvarych IhorPeople’s Deputy of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers, Dykyi Alexander–President of Ukrainian Association of Breeders and Tabenkov Alexander – Director of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine.

The ceremony brought together respected guests from near and far abroad, representatives of associations and unions: Stolbov Sergey -President of the Russian Fur Union, Revzin Arkadii –CEO Sojuzpushnina, Rumjantcev Andrej -representative of Kopenhagen Fur,Koral Kanca- President of the media company dedicated to fur EFURMEDIA, as well as the representatives of local and international media.

Ihor Zvarych expressed his support and wishes for a successful show, and then with the applause of the guests and participants of the exhibition was cut a red ribbon. The exhibition has been opened!

FUR EXPO Ukraine exhibition has covered the area of about 3000 and attracted over100 participants, among them: leading Ukrainian manufacturers of fur and leather garments, famous designers, fur farms, distributors of known trade marks, companies that presented equipment andsupplies for thefur industry. Overall,the exhibition was attended by the representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain,Canada and Finland. During 4 days the exhibition was visited by over 4 thousand people from around the world.


This year, the organizers prepared the unique business program: seminars and presentations of the world's leading companies in fur industry.

Seminar by Larionov Dmitri – Area Manager of Finnish Fur Auction SAGAFURS was successful. It brought together the representatives of trading companies, fur manufacturers and fur agents, who was able to get acquainted with the Auction and ask interested questions. Seminar topics: From the fur farm to the manufacturer; Auctions; Quality of fur raw materials; Innovations in fur industry; Overview of sales and production markets; International trends in the world of fashion.


Seminar by Bobby Poulios–Vice President of North American Fur Auction NAFA and Oksana Moroz – Marketing Director,was attended by the target audience and aroused a great interest.Seminar topics: Schedule and procedure of NAFA auctions in 2013; How to come up for auction in Toronto; Buying fur on Private Offers outside the auction dates; NAFA Seminars in Toronto; Features and distinctive characteristics of the North American mink; The diversity of wild fur of Canada and USA; Methods of retail of fur garments.

Seminar by Koral Kanca – President of media holding dedicated to fur EFURMEDIA. Seminar topics: Digital media and the fur industry, what are the benefits of having an online presence for the furriers, how the internet has been changing the way we do business, and web influence on retail sales, etc..



The educational program “Future Fur Designer” under the University Centria Ostrobothnia in Finland was presented by Basil Kardasis – Professor of London Royal College of Art and Pia Blomstrom - Project Manager of FutureFURStudio under the University Centria Ostrobothnia. They presented the program outline and also some of the fine examples of fox and mink, as well as designed & made products by its students and international designers during the latest projects.



The leading Ukrainian fur manufacturers showed their latest collections on the open stage, among them: ANT (, Tykafurlux (, TM Upstar Continental (, design studio Felix Rodionov (, Irina Parkhomenko (www., «Agrimpasa» (, designer GoldaVynogradskaya ( together with ТМ GOLDEPELE (, designer Diana Agayan (


Fashion show by Golda Vynogradskaya, which was created with furs of GOLDEPELE, impressed everyone with natural models, who were very different, individual and beautiful. Also at the show was personally Felix Barcons- President of GOLDEPELE, who came out on the podium together with Golda in the end of the show and expressed his thanks. 


Designer Diana Agayan presented her collection of leather and fur accessories. This show was a great harmonious and creative action. In order to encourage young designers to work with fur and support the future of fur industry in Ukraine, the organizers of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine together with the representatives of the University Centria Ostrobothnia granted Diana Agayan a free workshop in Finland, led by Professor Basil Kardasis.

Summing up the results of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine, we can say with certainty that it was successful and fruitful event for everyone. Exhibitors were able to establish new business contacts with Ukrainian companies and foreign representatives, attend the informative seminars, the designers presented their new collections on the catwalk, and to our visitors was presented the largest selection of fur and leather garments.

The organizers of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine thank the participants and partners for their support and cooperation and welcome to participation in the 3rd International Specialized Fur and Fur Products Exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine 2013.

Picture spread and video from the exhibition, fashion shows and seminars see:

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On the website of social communications agency PRmedia:

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On the website of online-magazine INFUR:

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