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7 August 2013
The 22-nd International Specialized Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry INPRODMASH' 2013 will take place in the International Exhibition Center on September 10 - 12, 2013. The 14-th International Specialized Trade Fair of Equipment and Materials for Packing UPAKOVKA' 2013 will be held together with INPRODMASH fair.

INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA exhibitions are the largest branch events in Ukraine. This is an annual meeting place for branch specialists from different countries, productive business communication, promoting the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mr. Nikolay Prysiazhniuk, emphasized international significance of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA. He stated that these exhibitions contribute to the improvement of investment and innovative activities of food and processing industry enterprises, as well as to product safety and further integration of Ukraine's agricultural sector into global markets.

In 2011, INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA were certified by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). These are the only Ukraine's certified events in the field of technology for food processing industry.

Due to the high international prestige and importance to the Ukrainian economy, INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA fairs were included into the List of domestic and overseas exhibition and fair events that will take place in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Food Ukraine (by order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine of February 20, 2013 № 117).

Synergy of exhibitions allows presenting all production cycle stages: from primary processing of raw materials to the finished and packaged product. Leading foreign and Ukrainian companies demonstrate everything needed for different branches of the food industry: technological equipment, modern automation systems, ingredients and materials, industrial refrigeration systems, logistic solutions, etc.

Besides Ukrainian exhibitors, production will be demonstrated by companies from France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, India, Poland, Belarus and other countries.

This year, a lot of German manufacturers participate in the show. Among them one can find such companies as Schaller, Frans Vermee, IKA Werke, CSB-System AG, BAADER GmbH + Co.KG, ANTON OHLERT, Wipak, Chocotech, Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co KG and others.

Almost 60% of exhibitors are regular participants of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA: Schaller, Matimex-Ukraine, Proxima, Begarat Vertriebs, TH Kompo, Food Plant, Sventa AG, Zalteсh Ukraine and others.

In 2013, visitors will have an opportunity to see modern solutions for various sectors of the food industry, adapted to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market: machinery, equipment, including laboratory, tools, complete lines for the processing of fish, meat, vegetables, various food additives and materials, specialized IT-solutions, etc.

Annually, fairs are visited by more than 15 thousand professionals involved in different branches of food processing industry and agricultural sector. Most of them attend INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA regularly. The main purpose of their visit is to get acquainted with the technological innovations and to meet with partners.

A series of workshops, presentations and other events will be held within the Business program of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA 2013. Business program of exhibitions is organized with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Dutch-Ukrainian scientific and practical seminar "Innovations in food packaging: Dutch and international experience" will be of interest to manufacturers of packaging and food. This seminar will touch upon a number of issues, related to prospects of cooperation between the two countries. Also, presentations of innovative projects will be held and business cases, dedicated to successful examples of Ukrainian companies' efficiency improvement owing to the use of innovative technologies in product packaging, will be presented. For the second year in a row, Dutch experts hold events within the framework of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA exhibitions. These events contribute to the adoption of advanced technologies in the Ukrainian food industry.

Seminar "RAVAS mobile weighing systems", organized by RID Logistic Solutions Ukraine, will touch upon mobile scales RAVAS, which give the opportunity to find out the weight of each load without additional operations. Thus, the warehouse worker is doing two things at once - weighs and transports, which provides significant savings in both time and other resources of the company. Other products of RID Logistic Solutions, which is engaged in the development and implementation of solutions aimed at reducing logistic costs, will be available at their booth.

International symposium "Organic products: close quarters with a consumer", held by the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine, will be dedicated to the topic that reflects the global consumer trends. It will be attended by both known and entry-level processors of certified organic agricultural raw materials from Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Denmark, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. Within the framework of this project will work the specialized exposition of organic products "ORGANIC SPACE'2013".

Also, public discussion of the Draft Concept on the Development of Major Sectors of the Food Processing Industry, organized by the Food Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, will take place within the framework of fairs' business program.

National University of Food Technologies will conduct a scientific and practical conference "Resource-and energy-saving technologies of production and packaging of food products - the main components of its competitiveness". Conference report will be published.

INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA - is the surest way to get relevant information on the processes, taking place in the market of food processing and packaging equipment, offers of key companies, urgent requests of customers, to acquaint with the latest technology and the latest global developments.

Novelties of participants:

Schaller company will introduce its new brand Schaller Premium - proven and innovative products, namely, flavorings and functional mixtures, divided into 10 different categories, ranging from cooked and smoked sausages - to ham products, as well as dried sausage and delicatessen products, from fish processing products - to semis.

IKA Werke Company - manufacturer of high quality laboratory equipment - will introduce mills and oil baths, immersion thermostats and rotary evaporators, hot plates IKA and shakers, overhead and magnetic stirrers.

Innovative company CSB-System AG - a developer and provider of specialized IT-solutions, which help to control all business processes, ensuring the optimum mode of enterprise management - will also participate in the show. It offers complex software solutions for manufacturers of food and beverages.

KOMETOS OY will offer wide range of modular solutions for the construction of production facilities using the latest production and food technologies.

BAADER GmbHCo. KG is a manufacturer and supplier of individual machines and complete lines for the processing of fish on vessels and land-based enterprises, meat - and poultry processing. BAADER Company will demonstrate on its stand: graders, machines for gutting and filleting, portioning sorters, meat and bone separators, etc.

Moreover, LOGRUS company will present a number of novelties of its partner Bornemann company - the world leader in the production of twin screw pumps - a new model of hygienic pump SLH 4G. The pump has a new "cylinder design", which helps to optimize interior space and to increase the overall level of device hygiene. The new design helped to improve not only the technical characteristics of the pump, but also made it more "flexible" in the operation.

Another partner of LOGRUS Company, PCM (France), will present a new sanitary screw pump of HyCare series. This series of pumps can be used in all sectors of the food and pharmaceutical industry.


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