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Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition

16 August 2013
About Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition
Product groups / application areas
Mould-making, Tooling
Precision moulds, Plastics moulding, Die and casting moulds, Injection moulding, Tools and precision tools, auxiliary, Pattern-making & prototyping, Rapid manufacturing, Progressive die, Hot stamping, Tool and mould-making consulting
Design, Engineering, Application Development
Design, simulation, visualization, Mould development and engineering, Virtual reality, Production technology & inspection, Measuring machines, CAD/CAM, Additive Manufacturing
Foundry & Die-casting
Die-casting equipments, Die-casting/ foundry raw and supplementary materials, Industrial automation technology, Mold & die technology, Foundry equipment and industrial furnace technology
Metal Working and Manufacturing
Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools, honing, grinding, polishing, ultra-precision machine tools, other machine tools, metal working and manufacturing support equipments, metal material
Visitor profile
Manufacturing industries
Mould procurement agents
Automotive industry
Aerospace, Ship building
Apparatus engineering
General engineering
Home appliances and technology
Electrical & electronic industry
IT Industry
Packaging technologies
Consumer goods / Toy industry
Sports & leisure / Bicycles
Beauty consumables
Medical /optical/chemical industries
Construction & building industries
Clock & Watches / Jewellery
Plant construction
Machine tools, etc
Product Design and Development houses, agents and specialists
Mould & Die Manufacturers

Technologies suppliers
Design & Engineering
Tooling builders
Accessories suppliers, Patternmaking and Prototyping
Job Position
CEO / Director

Production manager / R&D manager
Industrial designer / Engineering manager / Operation manager
Procurement and purchasing
Importer & exporter
Business development manager / Sales manager
Skilled worker

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