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China (Beijing) International Edible Oil &Olive Oil Industry Expo

16 August 2013
As China‘s economic center, Beijing and Shanghai has become the first major exhibition cities, professional exhibition held in Beijing and Shanghai, effects of radiation around the world, while Beijing and Shanghai are the world‘s top 500 enterprises in China‘s headquarters, the Beijing and Shanghai Expo will attract more domestic and overseas dealers.

※ High-level exchange platform:
Held in conjunction with industry, industry development forum for the sustainable development of enterprise solutions.

※ Huge audience database:
Oil Asia has been familiar with the edible oil industry for years, 50,000 professional visitors and exhibitors database is a strong guarantee for the actual show results.

Oil Asia Activities:

※International High-End Edible Oil Development Summit Forum, 2013

※Olive Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2013

※Tea Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2013

※Second Olive Oil Babe Model Tournament and Walk Show of "Olive Oil" Cup

※Spain Olive Oil Brand Promotion Meeting

※Olive Oil Tasting and Appraisal

Oil Asia Awards:

2013 Oil Asia awards event will be held in the Assembly Awards "Gold"; "New Products" award; "Quality Product" award; "safe and healthy nutritional edible oil certificate" (related to the conditions and fees please eligible to request the General Assembly staff )

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